Fundraising is an important aspect of the band program. Throughout the school year the band will have numerous fundraisers designed to help students offset the cost of band trips that are planned for that year. The majority of these fundraisers fall under the Opt-In program. We also have ongoing fundraisers that anyone can participate in.

How do I “opt-in” to earn money for a trip?

Fill out the “opt-in” form. Download OPT-In form from FORMS/Opt-In Program here. In order to “opt-in” a band student must meet BOTH of the following requirements:

  1. Participate in the FOUR designated fundraisers for EACH band student opting in. Participation is defined as ordering at least one item.
    1. Charleston Gift Wrap: July 18th-Aug 12th
    2. Simply Sheets: Sept 9th-Sept 30th
    3. Classic Cookie Dough: Nov 4th-Dec 2nd
    4. Krispy Kreme: Dates to be announced
  2. Work in the concession stand for 3 games (either varsity games or Monday night JV games or some combination) PLUS 1 playoff game (if there are any playoff games) PLUS 1 shift at the Alabama State Marching Band Contest. Concession stand requirements are for EACH STUDENT opting in.

    A family with more than one band student can opt-in for one student or for more than one, but the requirements for opting in must be satisfied separately for each student. Parents who are opting in for more than one student should contact the concessions chair for assistance no later than Sept. 1.

    Sign-up for concessions will be online. It is the responsibility of the “opt-in” family to sign up in advance to ensure the concessions requirement is satisfied. Families who “opt-out” are encouraged and needed to volunteer in the concession stand and participate in fund-raising for the general fund. Opt-out families will pay the full amount of the student’s trip if the student chooses to go.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Planet Fundraiser mobile app: Planet Fundraiser is a free mobile app that enables consumers to make everyday purchase at local businesses and in the process raise funds for schools, charities and organizations. Download the app and choose Hoover High School Band

Publix Partners: To participate in the Publix Partners fundraising, go to and “Sign Up” (Create an account). Once you have created your account, “Go To My Account” and find the “My Publix Partner” section and select as your partner “Hoover High School Band Booster”. Once you have set this up, every time you make a purchase at Publix, enter your associated phone number on the credit card keypad when it asks for your number for Digital Coupons.