Concert Audition Results 2016/17

Here are the 2016/17 Concert Audition results!

Symphonic Winds 2016

Symphonic Band 2016

Concert Band 2016

Hoover Jazz Ensemble Results 2016/17

Congratulations to all students who are a part of the Hoover Jazz Program!

Follow the link below to see the members for each group


Hoover Marching Band Leadership 2016

Congratulations to those selected for the 2016 leadership team! Follow the link below to find the full list.

leadership 16

Go Bucs!

Link to Marching Band Contract

Please follow this Link to get to the Marching Band contract. This needs to be filled out by May 27, 2016.

The Fair Share Sponsorship Program

Band Boosters:

2015-2016 was another tremendous year for the Hoover High School band. The band students experienced success in the classroom, on the concert stage, and on the band field. The Hoover Band Boosters and Sponsors were instrumental in making all this success possible. Thank you!!

The Fair Share Sponsorship Program provided much needed funding to keep the Hoover band program succeed on all levels. Once added to the Band Booster General Fund, these funds were used to help pay for band transportation, uniform repairs, instrument repairs, new equipment, extra instruction and a variety of other expenses.

Every band student is required to pay this fee. You have the option to raise these funds through the support of a business sponsor, family member sponsor or by paying this fee at registration. The fee of $200 is in addition to the $180 band fee. Color Guard and Buccanettes are required to pay $100 into the Fair Share Sponsorship Program. If you have multiple students in the Hoover band, the fees are $200 for the first student, $150 for the second and $100 for the third. If you have any questions about the fee structure or methods of payment, please contact Mr. Fitchpatrick at

Sponsorship Forms were sent in an email to all band boosters but are also available for download here. Your sponsor will need to complete the form and send a business logo to

Thank you again for your continued support of the Hoover High School band program.

Hoover Marching Band Leadership 2015


Christina Fu

Sydney Webster

Jenny Moradi



Peyton Keith

Olivia Gault

Jenny Chin-Lai


Alto Sax

Cody Hooks

Sam Stallworth


Tenor Sax

Tyler Greengard


Bari Sax

Josh Constantine




Conner Smith

Logan Jones

Kelsey Schmitt



Nathan Solomon

Jiamyn Thomas



Andy Orphanos

Andrew Thomas



Kevin Hoscheid



Ben Crowley


Percussion Captain

Jonathan Mayo


Woodwind Captain

Alexis Turek


Brass Captain

Kate McAfee


Drum Majors

Daniel Phillips

Katelyn Bury

Alexis Reeves

Hoover Concert Band 2014-15

Hoover Concert Band 2014-15



Kayla Leek

Emma Rose Hill

Emily Su

Haley Davidson

Ashlea  Robinson

Zaria Jackson

Nicole Tran

Sabrina Shaw

Katie Stoltzfus

Sarah McKracken

Arielle Stoudmire

Pooja Khedekar

Sailesh Geddam




Scotty Phillips

Ariana Marks

Kayley  Stephenson

Cesar  Juarez

Ciera Fitzgibbons

Colin Clemmons

Simra Gilani

DeeDee  Verdad

Jeff  Murai

Monte  Sharpe



Alto Saxophone

Hunter  Lawrence

Charles Reynolds

Jonathan Panion

Kayla Campbell

Tyler H White

Joseph  Roberts

Chase Frier

Sabrina Allen



Tenor Saxophone

John Riggs

Ian Smitherman

Deondr  Foster



Baritone Saxophone

Evan Caufield

James Robinson



Karis Luster

Jiamyn Thomas

Jacob Elliott

John Gattuso



Jacob Campbell

Brandon Waldo

Arjun Thopay

Benjamin Stocks

Walker  Brantley

Ezra Hill

Tyler Ivey

John McCrackin

Lea Didcoct

April Tran

Skylar Thornton

Grace Fitzgibbons




Aden Ashworth

Jayme Hunter

Cole Fortner

Galen O’Connor

Joseph  Russell

Hira Gilani

Baine Morgan

D’Angello Dewitt

Sean Holsombeck

Seth Cortis

Gabe Sutton




Tyler White

Ian Yuen

Jordan Downes



Andy Kong

Merrideth Amerson

Blake Echols

Jamie Morris



Victoria Nicoll

Amarhi Smith

Skilun Cousins

Chase Atkinson

Adisa Abdulaque

Chase Johnson

Amanda Lee

Elijah Wilson

Jaz Harris

Grant Sneed

Daniel Hall

Jaylen Marks

Jesse Mollel

Hoover Symphonic Band 2014-15

Hoover Symphonic Band 2014-15



Kristine Chin-Lai

Anna Crawford

Sky Kitchens

Lilly Poehler

Matthew Wilson

Maya Wilson

Alexix Reves

Mary Robinson

Kendall Moore

Mackenzie Young

Lauren  Norton

Rachel Harrah

Erinn Goins



Mary Wertz

Porter Darroch



Bennett Skiff

Ominica Crockett




Sabrina Bates

Rana Mohammed

Niki Travis

Kat Beatty

Peyton Keith

Alex Lloyd

Ashley Thompson

William Walker

Jonathan  Hill


Bass Clarinet

Lydia Goodwin

Amber  Harris



Alto Saxophone

Sawyer Patterson

Aneesh   Pathak

Christian Hatcher

Sam Stallworth

Tyler Turner

Alex Stroud



Tenor Saxophone

Cody Hooks

Erron Cleveland


Baritone Saxophone

Brandon Mannino



Rebecca Schwenk

Alex Zayzafoon

Briggs Andres

Katherine Love

Bryant Moore



Daniel Johnson

Kelsey Schmitt

Chase Koch

Ashlyn Shultz

Erin Cleveland

Bailey Glaves

Michael Morris

Connor Martin

Josh Knapp

Caleb Townes




Michael Hughes

Zachary Fox

Tully Davis

Cameron Riggs

Joseph  Varghese

Grayson Moyer

Avery Acton

John Imbragulio



Brannon Cockrell

Camiya Knight

Noah McClaney



Gavin Jackson

Matthew Hudgins

Evan Chambers

Bryan James



Tajane  Crane

Lauren  Moradi

Caroline Guske

James Canady

Taylor Horne

Matt Nicoll

Griffin Davis

Jonathan Snell

Aaron Edwards

Lauren  Garner

Bennett  Clarke

JP Simpson

Jon Mayo

Hoover Symphonic Winds 2014-15

Hoover Symphonic Winds 2014-15


Alycia Wang


Erin McAfee

Kyra Moyer

Tyler Greengard

Christina Fu

Jenny Moradi

Lana Mohammed

Savannah Stanley


Oboe/English Horn

Sydney Webster

Amelia Grace Hill

Emily Fu



Caroline Blake

Daniel Kekes-Szabo




Darrin Wang

Olivia Gault

Alexis Turek

Zoe Cruz

Emily Stocks

Tiffany Shelton

Joseph  Jun

Jennifer  Chin-Lai

Ryan Colburn


Bass Clarinet

Aaron Branham

Ray Boyd



Alto Saxophone

Kristina Darroch

Terry Turner

Ian Ousley

Elijah Mathews


Tenor Saxophone

Josh Constantine


Baritone Saxophone

Rahul Shah



Kate McAfee

Daniel Phillips

Matthew Entrekin

Nathan Solomon

Christa  Langston

Katie Watts



Daniel Church

Alan Portillo

Conner Jackson

Logan Jones

Connor Smith

Carson Shockney

James Parker

Jeffery Crowley



Cory Cheung

Angel Plata

Andy Orphanos

Carson Fehler

Wesley Sparkman

Andrew  Thomas

John Parker



Abigail Aho

Kevin Hoscheid

Bruno Casalino



Ben Crowley

Nick Caine

Justin Tolbert



Jake Fondren

Walker Scott

Lee Roberts

Joel Sullivan

Anne Marie Guske

Will Locker

Michael  Barrett

Joseph  Phillips

Will Pomeroy

2014 Drum Majors

Congratulations to the Hoover High School Band 2014 Drum Majors

Zoe Cruz

Daniel Phillips

Kyra Moyer


Back Field Conductor

Savannah Stanley