Executive Board

2017-2018 Executive Board Membership

President – Guy Locker First Vice President and Hoover Invitational – Leigh Smith Second Vice President – Teresa Lee
Treasurer – Toni Shay Secretary – Christy Bosworth Public Relations – Donald Blair
Equipment – Neal Alexander Head Chaperone and Past President – Beth Aho Band Banquet and HospitalityBeth Holsombeck
Uniforms – Casie Patterson PTO Liaison – Robin Wiggins Offsite Concessions – Tim Aho
Onsite Concessions – Tracy Martin Hydration – Jessie Character Communications – Linda Habig
Ways & Means – Rita Dinkel Apparel and Merchandise – Kim Fitzgibbons Buccanette Liaison – Debbie Robinson
Colorguard Liaison and Winter Odyssey – Carie Pavlov Senior Coordinator – Cheryl Hill